Why 2014 was awesome…

Ah! I’m writing a blog post! In my new blog! But this is technically my second post but let’s pretend it’s the first time! Are you screaming with me?!


Anyway, to those who don’t know me or may have forgotten I exist, I’m that girl from Imperfect is Beautiful blog, and I have gotten out of my cocoon and came to my new hub!

Now, as the year is ending, I wanted to remember 2014. The best year of my 19 years on this beautiful world. Wanna know whyyyyy? I want to brag, so here it is!

Things I did (which I consider awesome) (I do a lot of things):

Became a fellow for the 21st Iligan National Writer’s Workshop

Got my dream job

Became a manager for a Fiction Division in a publishing company

Gave my sister a laptop

Had my pool birthday party

Had my internship at Cebu Daily News

Got published in Cebu Daily News

Had a big water balloon fight

Traveled to CDO, Iligan and Marawi

Got to help in donating things to Yolanda Victims

Became an agent for authors

Tried Go Cart Racing

Best female player in Laser Tag twice

Arranged a Christmas Party for our company

Living in Cebu for 6 months

Bought my sister a cellphone

Slowly got over my fear of heights

Created a giant pencil

Bought my own laptop

Found my favorite tea shop

Got addicted to milk tea

Tried the scary rides in Star City

Went to Philippine Inquirer in Manila

Tried scary rides in Star City

Attended Cebu LitFest

Got accepted to Rappler’s Internship (though I didn’t go:()

My Firsts:

Lived alone for 2 months

Traveled by plane alone

Traveled by boat alone


Live in a condo

Finish a fitness course

Stayed in school overnight


Go Cart Racing

Laser Tag

Went to a Horror House without covering my eyes with something

Had a roommate who isn’t my sister

Bought a laptop and phone with own money

Started off my online bookstore

Got an author published

Attended a writer’s workshop

Went to Tops in Cebu

Saw Mario Maurer

Signed a publishing contract

Got my passport

Got published in a regional newspaper

Got my book published

Wasn’t 2014 great? Haha. And to think I only wanted to get published, to write more and to travel. I got it all x10! 😀 2014 was indeed a year for my dreams coming true.

How about you? What made your year?

Happy New Year by the way!


New blog, new stuff, same history

At last!

Welcome and hello from my new blog! A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. Like A LOT. For instance, well, this new blog. Doesn’t it look awesome? Let me give you a quick tour. My Stories are the actual blogs. Updates, random things and my inner most secrets that you will have to decode. 🙂 Their Stories are my poems and stories, most of them written through the stories of others. They have been copied from my first blog, dimperfectprincess.blogspot.com, so my blog still contains of the same kind of history. Our Books contain my books, which brings me to my second awesome news…

I’m now an official published author! Yes, 5 of 10 of my Less Than Three series has been published, and is available on Amazon. There is one book published every week, so there will be another one to be published tomorrow. 😀

Thirdly, I’m opening up an online bookstore soon. It has always been a dream of mine to do something like this, and I’m hoping to do it on December. I already have an awesome name for it, which is Book Heaven. Here was the paper I used when the idea struck me:



And lastly, if you go to the welcome page of my blog, you can sign up and get a free copy of Super Twins!


Let me know what you think of my new blog in the comments below! 🙂

The sea

The slow lull of her touch seem to send me into a trance,
a trance I never wished to leave.
Her caress unworldly,
sending multiple vibrations throughout my body.

Her eyes sparkle with mischief and deceit,
but only she could make my life complete.
The world dares me to leave and flee,
But they’ll never take her,
They’ll never take her from me.

The world is selfish, cruel and full of misfits,
Creatures grasping for their share of light.
But with her by my side I shall yearn no more,
May I be drowned in darkness,
as long as I have her as my shore.

Her voice sends tingles into my very soul,
the nightmares of my past barely ghouls of nonsense.
Her tongue lavishes my inner being,
Her lips, her luscious lips,
bringing me to the brink of my sanity.

You’d never find her with another,
cause you’ll always find her with me.
Gasping for air from her embrace,
My sea, my everlasting,
my light and my all.

She is no fish, nor animal, nor even human.
She is mine and mine to hold,
The world be damned to its end.

How’s that for pushing the envelope? Phew. That was too much, even for me.
Love or hate? 😀 I just got inspired by the picture all of the sudden.
Written by me. By me okay?

That through which we see

It’s something that enters your eye when your cries first echo into the world. Everything is blurry and unknown, and yet there is something bright, letting you know you’re alive. It’s something you see on top of a cake, as you blow it away with all your wishes buried deep in your heart. You look up and see everyone you love whose eyes reflect it. It’s something that illuminates the room when your alone crying, your hand clutching at a picture that you once lovingly looked upon. When everything seems like the opposite of it, you look up and you see that it was never gone. It is something that irritates you when your hangover kicks in, causing the throbbing in your head to worsen. You try to turn over and ignore it, but it creeps at you, trying to push you off your bed.

You feel it when you’re hugged tightly by someone you love, as your heart hammers inside your chest. You hear it when you’re in a beach all alone, as the waves crash into the sand. You taste it when your girlfriend kisses you, as you lick your lips to relish the feeling of her lips on yours as you drop her off at her house. You smell it in a flower patch or in a bakery, as it seeps into your nose and conjures up memories long forgotten.

It is something you see when the church doors open to reveal the love of your life walking down the aisle. You see it glitter in her eyes as you slip in the ring on her finger, and you see it again in her smile. It is something you see when you see your child for the first time, as you lull him/her in your arms. You feel like a big giant compared to them, but you don’t care. You’re going to give them everything anyway. It is something that escapes you when you see your wife happy with someone else. You feel robbed and fooled, as you hold in the tears that threaten to fall. But when you see her again it’s like it never happened, and you love her just as much.

You feel it when you see your child fussing over her wedding dress, as she tries to hide the excitement she feels. Although she is being taken away from you, you don’t feel it. Because you know she has chosen well, and she’s happy. You hear it when your daughter’s child giggles when you hold her, the way she babbles nonsense words at you. You taste it when your favorite food collides in your mouth, as you chew it slowly, savoring every bitterness or sweetness.You smell it in the morning as your wife hums slowly while clutching the spatula in her hand. You never notice the way her voice breaks, or the tear stains in her eyes. You just know you feel happy with her in your home.

It is something that you see fifty times on a cake when your kids come over your house. It’s something that reflects on your eyeglass when a flash illuminates the faces of your kids and grand kids. You see it in your her eyes, but sadly it is when she stares at her husband. Your heart breaks a little, yet you smile at them, letting them know that it’s okay. It is something that dances in your living room as it catches the curtains of your house. It is something that spreads into your house, as you desperately try to escape the suffocating air.

You smell it when you’re finally out of the house, although you cough several times. You taste it when water finally enters your mouth, satisfying a thirst you never knew was there. You hear it from her voice, coaxing you to stay awake. You feel it when she holds your hand, vanishing all the pains you’ve felt all these years without her.

It is something that you see, a small dot, a small tunnel. You try to grasp for it, you try to reach it. You hear her voice somewhere, but it doesn’t matter anymore. You try to reach for that something, afraid it might go away. And when you do reach it, you breath in the new air, as your cries once again echoes for the first time into the world, this time as another soul.


Help Me!


So in my previous post, I mentioned that my book is getting published! Yehey!

But now here’s the sticky bit. My book is actually a series of short stories, and I have 10 mini books basically filled with stories. My first book will be published, but I need help in choosing my cover.

Here’s the synopsis of my first book, Less than three: Of New Beginnings

At one point or another, love is all about wonderful beginnings. 

In “Walkie-Talkie”, Matt  has been in love with his friend for a long time. But with Anne entertaining other suitors, can Matt’s love be returned?
It’s a different story for Leila in “Confessions of a University Scholar” after finding out that she has a stalker! She finds posts on a Facebook page mentioning intricate details about her. And when the stranger dares her to find out who he is, she’s left with only 2 choices that could change everything.
CandlelitStorm” is just the perfect reason for best friends Beth and Bryan to get closer and for her to realize just what she feels for this guy. But will it ever be reciprocated when Bryan has other girls in mind?
Who knows that the time “11:11″ could bring two souls together? The number means so much to Lota that she’d make a wish when it’s 11:11. And when she meets Jeric, the guy who witnesses how she embarrassed herself, he’s also going to make a surprising wish.
Lily sees a post on Facebook from Mike, asking anyone to PM him a number and he’d say something about the person. Lily thinks twice about sending him a number, and just when she did, Mike decides then to continue answering the next day! But what will he say to her after she posted “143″?

Fall in love with these cute couples as they each face new beginnings in this wonderful collection of short stories. 

Will you please help me?

The voting for it is on Facebook on my new author page. Please like the picture that appeals to you the most and if you can, you can add comments on how to improve it. And if you feel like it, you can like the page too.

The link for the album is HERE.

Thank you so much for helping! 😀


Well. Uhm. Sigh.

I haven’t blogged for a while again. I feel guilty, sorry and extremely apologetic.

Just a warning people, my brain is on hyper mode after eating ice cream, so this post is so unedited that you won’t recognize it’s me writing.

I have been busy on Wattpad, with work, and writing my book. Being a book agent is hard work people. Being an agent AND a writer is just down right crazy.


Would you forgive me now? I’ll try to update every week, then every other day, then if I can, every day. 

Sooooon to awkward updates!

I launched another book! Here’s the synopsis:

The rules were simple:. 
15 girls were chosen from royal bloodlines to be with the Prince. They are given one night each with him, and in the end he shall choose a bride and make her Queen. 
So how did someone from Montana, USA get involved in something that was supposed to be for those chosen? Anna sure doesn’t know, but she knew that she had to stay away from the Prince as much as she could. 
With her mischievous ways and un-royal manners, she was sure that the Prince wouldn’t pick her. 
But what if the Prince was as determined to be with her as she was determined to stay away from him? 
Experience “One Night with the King” meets “Princess Diaries” told with humor in this romantic comedy for all ages and find out what happens when a person goes from nada to royalty.
The author of this book is someone I look up to. She writes crazy good and I read this story even before I started working for the publishing company.
Get her book HERE. Yes, HERE.
My book..well..it’s getting published this week. YES THIS WEEK. So that is one of the reasons I’m updatingfor promotional reasons..yeah I feel more guilty now. 
Anyway, my publishing company is making me an author blog, so I may post there what I usually post here.
I’ll tell you more about it on my next post!
My birthday is on the 4th of October! I’m turning 19! Yes. 19. That means I have been writing for SEVEN years! That’s awesome!
That’s basically it for now. 😀

All My Favorite Words: Soulmate

We had a theory.
Since you were born exactly 11 months after I was born, my soul had to wait for 11 months to meet you. 
After being separated, they promised to meet again after 11 years.
Insert a course of a million of things that have happened in between. I moved to another town, you moved to another city. You grew up another way, I grew up another. We both somehow moved back to the same place, although not at the same time. I was a silent but friendly, while you were loud but nice. We were two different people, completely unaware of the other. But then our souls had other plans.
When you were 11, you met me.
I guess our souls knew what they were doing.
This is a chapter of All My Favorite Words on Wattpad. If you want to read more, go to the link. 😀

Book Agent Hat

So I was MIA for a long time, and now I am about to reveal why.
I have become a book agent!
Yes, an actual book agent. Months after being hired as a book editor, I got promoted to become a literary agent for authors.
And tonight, I will be launching the first ever book I have handled. And as an agent, it is my duty to promote the author and the book. I just really wanted to brag. (haha)
So now I will be introducing to you the book that will be launched August 31, 12PM Eastern Time. With over 10 Million reads on Wattpad, My Best Friend’s Brother!

Here is the synopsis: 

“That’s right. I was in love with my bully.” 

Having a best friend with a cruel older brother is a recipe for disaster. It was worse for Hope who’s best friend, Heather, had twin demons as brothers who restlessly bullied them, especially her when she visits their house. 

Fast forward to a few years, Hope finds herself in a summer where the twins come home from college. She can no longer run, especially when her friend Heather is the one visiting this time with her brothers in tow. 

Will Hope ever reconcile with her bullies? Or will she be stuck harboring feelings for one of them? 

The author of the book, MJ Thompson, is a 29 year old woman from the UK. Growing up she went through many phases, including wanting to be a mechanic, a historian and a midwife. Her only constant dream was to become a published author.

Always having a lot of ideas for stories and often getting inspired by the slightest thing, she discovered an online free publishing site that was a good place for her to publish her works for millions to read and also read other books, which is one of her favorite past times.

The book is already live on Amazon, but we’re launching it in 8 hours! I’m so giddy! If you want a copy of the book, click here.

It will be on a discounted price for one week before it goes back to its original price. Help countdown with me by going to her blog here.
I do hope for your support on this one. Soon, it would be MY BOOK that I will be promoting, and I’m hoping for the same kind of love.
A shout out to the company I’m working for, BLVNP Incorporated. Because of them, I am living and working my dream job. Check out other books that they’ve published before in their website here.
Do YOU know someone who might want to publish their book? Let them send me an email at lean@blvnp.com. 😀

All My Favorite Words: Naive

It was our first big fight.

You said the wrong thing, and I said some bad things too. We didn’t know each other well. We’ve only been in one other serious relationship before we met. We both were going into a battle where we were blind and deaf, both not knowing what makes the other tick. I exploded like a time bomb and you took cover, diving into trying to draw pity. 
It was just one wrong word. One misunderstood word. But the next thing we knew I was ignoring you, and your were flooding my phone with texts.
We both didn’t know what to do. We were running before we even got the chance to stand up. We never got to try on our new legs. We just ran like a couple of idiots, trying to outrun the other without any particular reason.
And then it ended.
We ended.
We were a glorious mess, each of us trying to figure out where the other stood.
There was no bloodshed, no need for medical attention.
I thought it was the end, I thought I would never see you again.
You thought you lost your chance, you thought I would never go back to you anymore.
But then the next day, the next moment, we were side by side, gasping for air. 
And then we rolled around and turned to each other, then slowly lifted each other up.
We didn’t know what we were doing, but it seemed like the right thing to do.
Then we began to walk. Together. Side by side. Our broken legs mashing together like a perfect piece. 
This is the second chapter of All My Favorite Words on Wattpad. If you want to read more, go to the link. 😀

All My Favorite Words : Happenstance

The first time we met.
If I weren’t so hyper that day, I wouldn’t have gone into your room. If you weren’t in class that day, you wouldn’t have seen me. If I wasn’t so friendly and nosy I wouldn’t be friends with your friends. And if you weren’t so bold, you might not have come up to me to introduce yourself.
But then the series of great and powerful things happened. I was hyper. You were in your room. I was friends with your friends. You were bold and confident. We shook hands. 
It would take years before we were ever together, but we’d always go back to that day. We would speculate on how different it would have been if we met a day later, or a week later, and so on. If you had someone with you, or I had someone with me. We would have gone past each other in school and never know one another. A series of things falling into place. 
Later on you would tell me that you were as nervous as hell and you couldn’t sleep that night and you refused to wash your hand. You’d say that was the day you developed a little crush for me. Later on I would tell you that I really don’t remember much of that day because I just thought you were another friend.
But then you’d take out your hand and reach it out to me, and then I’d smile and shake it.
“Hi.” You’d say.
“Nice to meet you.”

And you’ll prove to me that you weren’t just another friend after all.

This is the first chapter of All My Favorite Words on Wattpad. If you want to read more, go to the link. 😀